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Handy Hints for Trade Show Giveaways


It’s coming up to trade show and conference season here in NZ. Have you thought about what your business is going to be doing for a branded giveaway when exhibiting?

We came across a great article about how you can get more bang for your buck.

Here are some handy hints for you to consider. Then give us a call. We would love to meet with you and discuss your needs. We’re happy to take all the hard work out of sourcing your promotional products and we thrive on creating solutions for you.

“1. It’s Relevant to Your Business

First off, your promotional items need to be relevant to the products or services your company offers. There should be a strong connection between what your company does and the messaging and/or function of your giveaway. For example, a dry cleaning business may want to distribute pocket packs of lint sheets with their branding printed on each pack. The relationship between the dry cleaner and the promotional item is apparent to event attendees, establishing proper context for the business.

2. It’s Tailored to Your Audience

The next characteristic of effective trade show giveaways is that they are specifically tailored to a company’s target audience. Your promotional items will never appeal to everyone, nor should they. There is a particular group of people who have a need for the products or services you offer. These are the individuals you want to appeal to with your event swag. The more relevant an item is to a given target audience, the more likely those audience members will retain the giveaway.

3. It’s Useful for Attendees

Effective trade show giveaways have another thing in common: they are useful. Their function meets a need or provides a convenience for recipients. Useful swag can attract attention, saving your branded items from being tossed out. In the example discussed above, you’ll notice that the dry cleaner’s lint sheets were not only relevant to the company’s services, they also were highly useful for recipients as well.

A data security company distributing branded data protection sleeves is another good example of an effective giveaway. The item is relevant to the company’s services, it targets an audience of people who are concerned with data security, and it is very useful. In fact, recipients of this gift can protect their personal information from RFID digital pickpockets right away, by sliding their credit cards and IDs into the protective sleeve.”

(Copyright © 2016 TSNN. Excerpts from Emily Long