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4 Whetu Place
Rosedale, Auckland, 0632
New Zealand

+64 9 973 4352

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Pokémon Go


So unless you've been hiding in a cave in the mountains, you probably will have heard of this new augmented reality game.

I was out and about with my kids yesterday, and whilst we were seeing the sights of South Auckland, we were also capturing Pokémon on our smartphones.


I've noticed two things. The first is that all the kids are playing this. And these are 'kids' of all ages. Second, this game seriously chews through your phone's battery reserves.

Which leads me to the Promo aspect. Yes, your business could set up a Lure to attract players to your premises, but have you considered branding some Power Banks and using them as giveaways? I saw kids with Power Banks in their pockets connected to their phones as they walked around.

We have access to many styles and capacities of Power Banks. We can even get customised PVC shapes made for you.

So, if your clients have kids, or are gamers themselves, this is the perfect thing to use to get your brand out there in the wild!

Give us a call to talk about what you could do!