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The benefits of adding Branded Merchandise to your Marketing Plan


It is well known that the purpose of a marketing plan is to build brand awareness, to engagewith your target audience, to drive traffic, leads and sales and to prove your industry expertise.

The arrival of digital marketing has added a new dynamic and with it comes the ability to track new metrics around impressions, delivery, open-rates and more.

Branded Merchandise must be a part of your marketing budget. It helps you expose your company name or logo to as many people as possible in your target market. You will get impressions in the physical world.

So what are some of the benefits of branded merchandise?

• Your business can look more professional and successful than your competition.

Do you clothe your staff in a corporate uniform? Or brand the hi-vis and other personal protective equipment they wear? You have business signage and sign-written vehicles after all. Customers appreciate a supplier of goods and services that takes pride in their appearance.

• Gaining and retaining customers.

Utilising a 'Gift with Purchase' campaign is an effective way to drive sales. This could be an item that is added to your product at point-of-sale or something significant that is given as a prize at the end of the campaign. Giving your good customers a thank you gift that they'll use is hugely impactful. Items such as mugs and umbrellas are usually appreciated and stay visible. A happy customer that feels valued will tell their friends about you and are more likely to recommend you and your business.

• Rewarding your staff.

If you give your staff quality branded gifts to recognise their contributions, you'll improve loyalty and buy-in. An engaged employee is more productive and will reflect pride in the business you've created.

• Brings a physicality to a digital world.

If you're doing a lot of marketing online, rewarding your audience with prizes or gifts for their engagement works really well. People love getting free stuff and will actively promote your business if there is perceived value.


• Make sure you clearly define what you want to achieve. Work out your budget. Work out your quantities.

• Make sure there is a close link between your business and the branded merchandise you give away.

• Do include us in the conversation. Our experience could save you money and will improve the effectiveness of your campaign.